There are several different types of trucks and trailers driven by professional CDL drivers. If you’re a driver, you are usually qualified to drive one or more of a specific kind of truck or truck/trailer combination based on your CDL License Type(A, B, or C), and your experience/endorsements. This list defines the difference between each trailer type, and will allow you to narrow your job search by these haul types.

Auto Hauling Truck Driver JobsAuto Hauler Truck

An Auto-Hauler will pull a trailer carrying vehicles. This is a specialized type of haul and requires a higher skill-set.

Dry Van Truck Driver JobsDry Van Truck

A Dry Van trailer is the most common type of trailer pulled by professional CDL drivers. It carries a variety of dry goods.

Flatbed Truck Driver JobsFlatbed Truck

A Flatbed trailer is another common type of trailer and a high demand type of job. Drivers pull materials on a flatbed trailer usually held down by straps and sometimes covered with a tarp.

Reefer / Refrigerated Truck Driver JobsRefrigerated Truck

A Refrigerated trailer looks like a dry van, or box trailer, but it has a refrigerating unit attached to it. Reefer trailers typically haul frozen or refrigerated produce items and foods.

Tanker Truck Driver JobsTanker Truck

A Tanker trailer typically carries liquid or hazardous materials like fuel, or other flammable liquids. A tanker can also haul dry goods, but any type of tanker driver is required to have a Tank endorsement, or Tank/HazMat combo.