There are several different classifications of truck drivers, and some don’t always understand the difference. When you’re looking for a driving job, you most likely have to browse through many jobs that aren’t really applicable for you, making the job search difficult. This list will help you understand the difference, learn more, and help you find jobs specifically for your driver type.

Company Truck Driver JobsCompany Driver

A “Company Driver” will work for a particular trucking company that has a variety of hauls set-up for the driver. This driver is an employee of that company, and will be given all instruction for deliveries.

Lease Purchase Truck Driver JobsLease Purchase Driver

A “Lease Purchase Driver” will work for a particular trucking company, but instead of driving a company truck, they will lease a truck through the company, and make payments on the truck until it is paid in full. There are additional driver benefits to this “Lease Purchase” set-up.

Owner Operator Truck Driver JobsOwner Operator

An “Owner Operator”, or “Independent Contractor”, works for oneself and in a sense, are their own boss. They may have one truck, or a fleet of trucks, but are responsible for maintenance, insurance and more.

Recent Grad Truck Driver JobsRecent CDL Grad

A “Recent Grad” is someone who has recently graduated from a CDL Trucking School. They are prepared to apply for a job, and can get hired on with a number of companies who accept them and will also have a trainer drive with them initially.

Student Truck Driver JobsStudent Driver

A “Student Driver” is a driver seeking to obtain their CDL. A student can be brought on to a trucking company with no experience, and many schools with put them through paid training with a guarantee of a job upon completion. Some companies also have their own CDL school.

Team Truck Driver JobsTeam Driver

A “Team Driver” is a team of 2 drivers, who drive together and can share driving shifts and cover more miles, and also receive a better pay rate. Team trucking jobs are in high demand and companies offer great incentives and bonuses for Team drivers.